• Education
    and Health
    Building Wellness can be used in the classroom with lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Self Efficacy
    Building Wellness teaches students to be active participants in their health care.
  • Health Literacy
    Students don't just need to know health information, they need to know where to find information, how to process information, how they can use information and why the information is important.
Welcome to Building Wellness™ a youth health literacy program!

Building Wellness™ and its curricula endeavor to encourage and empower children to seek, question, process and integrate health information so as to obtain the highest standard of health.  With family and community support, the program seeks to support students’ self-efficacy and sense of well-being in conditioning their lives to extend their ambitions and fulfill their aspirations.

Building Wellness is an 8-level youth health literacy curriculum series that offers 15 lessons per level targeting grades 1-8.  This free resource teaches students the skills they need to be active participants in their health care through experiential learning that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Hundreds of youth have participated in Building Wellness from New York City to Los Angeles.  Assessments have shown that participants increase their knowledge levels and change behaviors based on the lessons in these 8 levels.  To learn more about the early development of Building Wellness, you can review an article published in the Journal of Health Communication, The Development of Building Wellness™, A Youth Health Literacy Program.  

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Building Wellness™ was conceived by the Eugene M. Lang Foundation in 2013. Its programs were developed under the auspices of the Foundation with the cooperation and support of educators, community organizations and health care providers. On January 1, 2016, the Foundation transferred ownership and operation exclusively to The “I Have A Dream” Foundation. This volume is the property of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation. Its contents are subject to copyright regulations and may not be reproduced without permission.

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