Tips and tricks from past facilitators

From Facilitators:

Building Wellness™ is the single best thing that “I Have A Dream” has given to this program.

After I finished the curriculum I thought, ‘this IS possible!’

It teaches [students] that they can make a choice.

I enjoy the flexibility of the program and the way the lessons cover multiple aspects of a topic.

From participants:

I’ve also learned that NOBODY is perfect at all.

I really liked the “what is gender” [lesson] because it was fun and really interesting.

I liked learning about diabetes because my dad has it and it’s good to know about what he has.

  • Enthusiasm from staff and the facilitator makes or breaks the Building Wellness session.
  • Be engaged, animated and participate in activities with the students.
  • Use a dynamic and powerful voice that commands the students’ attention and respect.
  • Be prepared – have all supplies and materials on hand.
  • Ask probing, open-ended questions to get students thinking. Give them time to think of their answers.
  • Quiz the children on last week’s lesson (and even review other lessons). This helps them to retain the information and has been shown to help them on their post-evaluations.
  • Having the children warm up with 1-2 minutes of activity (jumping jacks, laps around the room, high knee lifts, etc.) helps them to get their energy out and concentrate better on the task at hand.
  • Deep breathing exercises can also be helpful to increase concentration on the topic at hand.
  • Setting ground rules at the beginning can be useful. I.e., raise your hands, no talking while I’m talking, etc. These may need to be reviewed before every session.
  • A circle of chairs and/or tables works best with the facilitator on the inside. This makes discussion easier and more interactive.
  • If the facilitator is not a regular staff member, an introduction from the Teacher/Program Director helps to gain respect from the students.
  • Using real-life examples and experiences work well. Statements like “what helped me at your age” are effective.

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